Your favorite knitting pattern?

I am looking for a very basic, easy to understand (as I am fairly
new to knitting) mitten pattern.
I found this one tonight: [U][COLOR=#810081][/COLOR][/U]
And while it seems very easy, it never says how you close the top :confused: you start working on 20 stitchs etc and work down to the cuff lol guess they are fingerless mitts or I missed it somehow! But maybe you can tell me how this pattern works. If not, I have looked through the ones at knittingpatterncentral and honestly am not sure which are good and which arent.
I am ok with DPNs or 2 circs. I work with both. Do any of you have patterns that are super easy to follow, done on worsted weight yarn , you know the type of pattern you go back to again and again? I don’t care if it’s a pattern I have to purchase , etsy etc or a free link.
Thanks! :muah:

The top starts out closed- you’re using short rows to knit the top as a closed tube. The cast-on is what’s called a provisional cast-on, and it allows you to knit from both sides. You’ll cast your stitches onto two needles side-by-side, then using short row increases to widen the circle, you’ll knit up from both sides.

Check out the beginning of either of silver’s toe-up sock tutorials here or any other toe-up sock tutorial to give you an idea of what you’re doing- it’s the exact same method.

Ah My mistake was not going to the cast on method links!
wrinkles nose I am not sure I would classify either of those as easy though lol So I apparently need a different pattern. I’ve only ever done top down socks!
Thanks though!

Here’s some that look easy.

Scroll down a bit to see the tutorial/pattern.

With any pattern you may encounter something new. Just ask for help. :thumbsup:

Aww Snap You are telling me to practice lol
I have tried those cast on methods for toe up socks and something in my brain shuts down I think. It maybe because I knit continental, I don’t know. But I guess this will be my project for the first of the year if I cant find a pattern that I like lol

thanks again!

Check out the provisional cast on videos here on this site- I was terrified of socks for the longest time, then I did toe-up slippers once without even realizing I was basically knitting socks. :slight_smile: The video for the provisional cast-on was very helpful! Give it a shot, I promise it’s easier than it looks.

Ok Im going to hold you to it lol
I tried this when I was learning 2circs and didnt do well at all, but I will try it again!
The videos have helped me with everything else I learned to knit, so hopefully you are right!

Let me know how it goes! :slight_smile:

Here’s what I do for provisional cast on. It’s easier. :lol:

Ah yes this one is easier, I have used it when I need to have live stitches later in patterns. But see, here is where you are the knitter and I am the newb. I have no idea how this type of cast on would work like the figure 8 etc mentioned in the pattern with 2 needles as it never is pulled out and live again later in this pattern.


I’ve never used that provisional cast on, but I would guess you just pull out the waste yarn and recapture the live stitches right after you cast on, and then go on with the pattern.