Your Favorite Knitting Magazine?

I’d like to get a subscription to a knitting magazine, and was wondering what some of the favorites are here.

Do many of you subscribe to knitting magazines, or do you prefer to just pick and choose which to buy from the rack? Which magazines do you find most useful in terms of patterns, tips, etc.?

Thanks for your insights! :muah:

Interweave Knits!

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]I have a digital subscription to Creative Knitting. When you sign up you get the first issue and 2 years of archival issues immediately + all the new issues that come in that year.
I think they put out 6 magazines a year. Not bad at $14.97 for a year.
Check it out…may be something you would like.

Happy knitting…:knitting:

My favorite would be Simply Knitting from England. I have had a subscription to it that I got through and that expired. I like to buy it at Joann’s with my weekly 40% off coupon. I have made a few things from their patterns. Interweave Knits is great too.

I like Interweave Knits and Vogue but I think Interweave Knits has more things I might actually wear than Vogue.

I think it depends on your favorite style of knitting.
Over the past few years, I’ve subscribed to Interweave Knits, Vogue Knitting, and Creative Knitting.

The only magazines I actually used were Vogue Knitting and Creative Knitting. The Interweave Knits magazines are just displayed in my bookcase. Maybe I’ll use one of the patterns one day…we’ll see.

I’ve discovered that for me, it’s more fun to go to Barnes & Noble, grab a big stack of all the knitting magazines, order a cup of coffee or hot tea, and sit down to read. I usually only buy about one magazine a month…different each month.

I really love the magazines from Europe. They are more expensive, but their designs are a nice change. Plus, it’s interesting to read their articles on yarn.

Some months, I want simple designs, so I’ll buy Creative Knitting or Knit Simple. Other months, I want more of a challenge, so I’ll get Interweave Knits or Vogue Knitting. And when I want a fun design with a new yarn, I’ll get Knit 'n Style.

Thanks for all of the suggestions! :muah:

I’ll have to check them all out now to see what I like!

My favorite is Cast On from The Knitters Guild of America.
Much more information and styles for real people or at least the kind of thing I would wear.

Interweave Knits and Vogue Knitting are my two favs. If you are just beginning, then Knit Simple is full of fun, easy projects.

I look forward to getting these magazines for new ideas.

I really love the magazines from Europe. They are more expensive, but their designs are a nice change. Plus, it’s interesting to read their articles on yarn.

I agree. I live in Europe, so I have an easy time talking, but I wasn’t real fond of the US-Magazines. Maybe I just got my hands on the wrong ones.

I made the baby stuff and brought it to the US and many knitters I met (my mother in law has a knitting circle) just LOVED the European designs :wink: Maybe they just liked the change?

I have a lot of baby pattern magazines. But I never subscribe to any. Some are good every issue, others just have highlights. I browse at the book shop or station news paper stand, buy what I like and get a lot of patterns online these days.

But the question is if you want patterns only or articles? For patterns: browse the web, find favorite sites with free patterns. Buy the occasional magazine with a flashing design.
For articles: you surely learn more here in the forum, but the exterior input is good, for sure.

In German magazines I know of just one that comes in English, too, but I might be wrong.

Lana grossa (yarn brand) has a website and mags in English. I like the “handknitting” one. (the link for English is up top right)

they also have the Model of the month in the service section: free instructions in German and English for a previous model from a mag as PDF.