Your favorite knitted knitting bag?

I really, really need a knitting bag: I currently use a Victoria’s Secret shopping bag :stuck_out_tongue:

I was thinking of knitting and most likely felting my own bag.
I am curious, what are you using? Why do you like it?

What should be on my “features checklist” for a good knitting bag?

Can’t wait to hear what experienced knitters use,

and what’s wrong with that? :wink: i think i have no less than four of these floating around with yarn in them. i’m using a really small one for my first socks. they’re good quality and free. although, you might not want to use it out in public. you’d probably get some interesting looks. :teehee:
silver makes some gorgeous project bags. i think they pretty much have all the necessary features covered.

I have a felted bag that I love for carrying knitting. Its called “My Constant Companion” from [U]The Knitter’s Stash[/U] which is a book I got out of my local library. I think the author’s last name is Albright. I checked and its on Amazon. It is large enough to carry a project or two without being too big to take along. It has a flat bottom with a drawstring closure. You can add as many pockets as you want inside or out to meet your needs.

It was really fun to make–something about felted projects is extra fun. I made mine from some Icelandic wool my Mom gave me that was leftover from a sweater–blue, white and gray. I love it…hope you can find the pattern.


i use the tesco free for life bags nice designs but i need about 6 so many projects, but i think pockets on the front for sewing needles and tape measure would be good

I made one a few months ago. I used the “Memaw’s Felted Marsupial Bag” Pattern from the original “Stitch and Bitch,” but doubled the measurements and knit it with a brown bottom and used leftovers (it tells you to buy WAY too much yarn) from making 2 of the original size bags to knit it up in stripes. The only thing I didn’t double was the height, which I think I capped at 16". I also doubled the size of the marsupial pouch inside so it holds my needle guage, tape measure, scissors, etc. and knitted some rectangles for pockets which is stitched inside before felting. I sewed in 2 snaps along the top and on the pouch so I don’t have to worry about anything coming out.

I really LOVE this bag–it’s big enough for a larger project like a baby blanket or sweater, but not so bit that your socks or mittens will get lost. The only thing is that it’s a little bit heavy and can get a bit saggy in the handles if you stuff it full.

I’m at school now, but I can post some pics later if you would like to see them.

Edit: Oh! And it was really easy (all knit in the round in one piece, so no real sewing), AND it it just the right size to stick under my seat on a plane.

I have a beautiful waterproof knitting bag that is tres chic with lots of inside pockets for: tapestry kneedles, crochte hooks, stitch markers, etc… However, it was a gift from my mom last year to encourage my knitting. It was from my LYS but they have some of their stuff online:

Also, I have two yarntainers that I really love to hold my mini-stash. And two canvas bags from LLBean.

Thank you everybody for the cool pointers :muah: … I got to admit, I LOVE Silver’s bags… I am too lazy to make one (I can sew, but I am slow at it, just like knitting) but that’s the one bag I may consider buying instead of knitting my own… and if it helps another knitter, that’s perfect for me!:cheering:

I been shopping the other links of bags and patterns as well… so many choices!

I got a pattern from the lady who runs the knitting club i’m in and it was this great felted bag. It was a lion brand pattern but I think she got it in a craft store or somethign (you know how they put free patterms out) but I made it out of lion brand wool and felted it and it looked GREAT! But now I can’t find the pattern and I don’t think its anywhere online. ARGH