Your favorite basic sweater pattern book

First, you need to know that I do not own a single knitting book. The ones I have looked at with several different patterns do not have my size, or I didnt think Id use enough of the patterns to warrant spending 20 bucks on the whole book.

Second, I HATE reading charts.

That said, do any of you have a book that teaches you to make your own basic knitting pattern for your own size with whatever yarn & several options for waist shaping, sleeves, neckline, etc?

the knitter’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns by Ann Budd is this type of book. I have it but haven’t actually used it to design a sweater, yet. I have used it to change a neckline.

The Incredible, Custom-Fit Raglan Sweater pattern does show you how to use any yarn, and knit a custom fit sweater for any body. There’s not a whole lot of alteration choices, but you can make a crew neck, v neck or cardigan. You could also make a turtle neck easily, although it doesn’t specifically say how.

I used this pattern to make a sweater for my BIL who has a hard time finding sweaters that fit him just right. It fit him like a glove.

You could also try The Sweater Workshop, which was written by Jaqueline Fee… she uses a percentage system similar (in fact, i think maybe based on) EZ’s percentage system. She has you knit a smampler with whatever yarn you’re going to use, and practice the ribbings, increases, decreases, pockets, flaps, eyelets, etc for each sweater— very good to see how your yarn will “knit up” in a pretend project… and they woul dmake a wonderful toy for howie and sophie to fight over when your’e done :slight_smile:
My recommendation is to get the spiral bound version–I have the regular book-bound version, and it’s hard to keep open. I also have EZ’s knitting without tears, if you want to borrow either, I can send them to you, OR just give them to you at our next date–which is— by the way?

and, i must say, i was :shock: SHOCKED :shock: at your lack of knitting books.

HEY…Im all about FREE FIRST, my friend!

They have PLENTY of SMAMPLERS (whatever THOSE are… :rollseyes: ) to fight over! :roflhard:

I may take you up on that, Hild, unless…

Ingrid, does your book have options for SEVERAL sizes?

For adult sweaters, finished bust sizes range from 36 to 54 inches.

So if, for a modified drop sleeve sweater, which is the page I happened to open to, you look at the bust size at the top. Then you go down to yarn requirements for whatever gauge you want from 3-7. It tells you how many to cast on for that size in that gauge and tells you how long to knit it.

Then you shape the armholes, shoulders and back neck and then gives you a choice for a crew, v, etc.

There are also children’s sizes.

OOOoooo! that sounds like just what Im lookin for!!

The price on the book is $27.95, but Amazon has it for $17 something, new. Used from $14. Not bad!

I just ordered it! (Along with Harry Potter so I can join those HORRIBLE individuals who keep TEMPTING anf TAUNTING me with their SPOLIER thread in the Blog forum!!)

Thanks so much, Ingrid!