Your Christmas list?

It has been pointed out that there are only 4 months until Christmas. If you are knitting gifts for people, who are you knitting for and what are you knitting them?

I’m knitting the Irish Hiking scarf and Fetching for my mom, a ripple afghan for my sister, and some sort of blanket (not sure what yet) for my husband. But what I REALLY want to start on is the Corset-T from Knitty Gritty for myself. :teehee:

Here is what I have done for Christmas so far:

A pentacle pillow for my step-mom

A pentacle felted purse fro my step mom

A skull felted purse for my sister-in-law

A heart felted purse for my step-sister

A santa/ reindeer pillow for my uncle Reggie

A branching out scarf for my Aunt Vicki

3 fish afgahns for Pumpkin, Jingle Bells, and Greta Kitty

An afgahn that doesn’t have an owner yet

A pillow with guitars on it and the name JOSH on it for my brother-in-law

A pillow with little critters on it for my brother

A star wars pillow with the ships on it for my step-brother

2 homespun scarves for my step-sister and sister-in-law

A pair of pocket book slippers for my god daugher

A pouch for jelly bracelets for my god daughter

And am working on a pillow with ladybugs on it for my mom right now.

This Christmas is all about the pillows !!!

Ummm, now I feel super lazy. :roflhard:

A star wars pillow with the ships on it for my step-brother

Do you have a pic or a pattern for this?

Like Sabrina said, do you have patterns for these or did you make them up yourself? My one son plays guitar, the other is heavily into the Star Wars stuff. THanks.

I guess I better get started.Good for you for starting so early :cheering:

  • My sweater
  • My scarf
  • My socks
  • My dorm blanket
  • Bake as many batches of chocolate chip cookies as required to feed family members.

Fortunately my relatives know better than to expect something from me - we’re a family of non-exchangers. Nobody ever had any money, so only the kids got anything. Now that everyone is grown up & doing better financially, they still don’t give! And I’m unemployed, so that’s my excuse.

I just want to give to grandma and mom and dad. Grandma’s getting a shawl (halfway done), a purse (not yet started) and a beaded brooch (from a kit - my first) and probably a few dishcloths and a Sunbonnet Sue hot pad.

Mom’s getting a sweater and socks, not yet started but I have the yarn.

Not sure about dad - he’s the really picky type, but I’m planning at least socks and I have the yarn for a sweater, but no pattern. Their anniversary is tomorrow and all I have is the yarn for the afghan I was going to make them :whistle:

Okay, I am working on the wavy lace wrap from the Fall 2005 Vogue Knitting (mistakenly called the “ruffles shawl” on this link). It is #15 on this page. This is for my best friend who has a birthday near christmas. I made her a hideous thing last year that started out well and ended up just fugly. Hopefully this will make up for it.

I am making a booga for another friend. And a bunch of clogs for everyone else. I am also making the hot pink “hoodie” sweater (number 32) in the same issue of vogue knitting. That one is for ME!

But I’d love to do the star wars thing for my son… HINT HINT!

My list keeps changing, because I have a hard time deciding what I want to make for people! Here it is(for now):

  • His and Her clogs for my mom and stepdad
  • hat for my dad
  • slippers for Grandma
  • loads of dishcloths for MIL and sister in law
  • perhaps attacking a sweater for DH
  • scarf for stepdaughter

There’s always time for me to add to that list too! :whistle:

Oh, Carmen, I am knitting the Ruffles/#15 Lace Shawl, too! I am using BrownSheep’s Lamb’s Pride, what are you using? I believe I am the one who has called this shawl “Ruffles”…it’s called Ruffles online @ Vogue Knitting…I linked the chart above, it is very helpful!

For Christmas I am knitting for my sister only this year and for her we have Krista Tee from Whiteliesdesigns and a fibertrends shawl to go with…either the Leaf Lace or Flower Basket Lace Shawl…that’s it for my Christmas knitting :happydance:

I had a Christmas list and then messed up my back… :verysad: dh told me I should knit for myself since I’m still not up to knitting for as long as I use to… .and if I have time or feel like it later do some scarves or bath mitts… not lapghans which is what I wanted to do… I do have some things started or finished I will give away… but I’m kinda looking forward to knitting for just myself :oops:

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with knitting for yourself, Dusti!!! I find it to be lots of fun, actually!..I’m hope to knit several shawls for me this fall, too! Now, how did you hurt your back and more importantly, are you feeling better?! :hug: to you…hope you feel 110% very soon!

:hug: Thank you Rebecca!! :blooby: oh it was nothing really I know my backs limit and I pushed it by knitting way to long trying to get rick rack purses done so I could move to lapghans… then doing other things I shouldn’t have done that weekend… so it showed me by sending me home to mom at the end of July :rofl: and it is doing alot better I know now to back off when I feel the needle tingly feeling and stop… cause its no fun being stuck in bed/couch and you can’t even knit :wall:

I am looking forward to finishing Starsky… I only have 2 scarves and a purse for myself lol everything else I do for the kids or gifts… have to finish a birthday bear right now that I just started and then look out Starsky…

[size=6]STAR WARS KNIT CHARTS[/size]

As for the guitar I used someone’s pixel art to help me!

I’m working on my 1st Xmas present: an Irish Hiking Scarf for my mother in law. I think I’m going to do Fetching for my sister, and a Scrunchable scarf for my brother in law’s girlfriend. I’d like to make other presents for people, but I have no idea what. I better get thinking!

Hey Spooky, how about if you knit my son a pillow with both guitars and Star Wars on it, and I can pretent like I knitted it and be his “hero”??? :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: Just kidding

That pillow is AWESOME!!! I need to “branch out” more. :oops:

:teehee: Awww u can do it !!! They aren’t that hard, just looks like it is. Now I cant tell u I’m not too fond of having like 8 different colors in one row lol. But Josh’s pillow was real simple. Only took me 2 days to get it done :cheering: .

I didn’t know you were making this too! How fun. I can’t wait to see yours. I have finished about 20 inches so far. I am using Panache from knitpicks. I really wanted a cashmere blend yarn, and panache is the only one that had a blue that I liked for my friend. It is a much chunkier yarn, so I had to cast on fewer stitches. But it is knitting up so quickly. My only concern so far is that it is a little thicker than I intended. But SO SOFT! I will go post pics of it in Watcha Knittin’ in a little while.

I’m using blue, too! Great minds, you know!
I’ve not yet started mine…I have a few things to complete before I can begin knitting for me…then, I’m using the fall season for shawl knitting :cheering: Since it’s so warm here, right up into Nov/Dec, I should have a shawl or 2 ready for cool weather! I believe this is going to be the 1st shawl that I knit…goodness, I’ve had the yarn for it since Christmas!

I haven’t really made any Christmas gifts yet, but I have made gifts for some baby showers, and a bridal shower I’ve gone to this year.

Our family is big, and since we’ve all grown, married, and some have children, it’s just way too expensive to buy for everyone. Last year, we started a new tradition. Each person brings one gift, we put them all on a table, draw numbers, and play that take-away game. Do all of you know which game I mean? Anyway, all I’ll have to make is a gift from me, and one from my husband. I guess I need to start on them. I’m still learning, so I haven’t really made anything big yet, but I guess I need to start, don’t I?