Your biggest knitting disaster

Well, last night I finally threw in the towel. I’ve been working (using the term loosely) on an afghan in what I thought was a fairly simple pattern. 7 rows repeated all the way through to create a repeated pyramid design. There are psso and k2tog on the rows to give the pattern an open look between the pyramids/triangles. I really didn’t think it was any big deal. Knit in pattern on RS; Purl the wrong. Simple, huh!

The only problem is I couldn’t keep those pattern rows straight. Knitted one less or more stitch someplace and have to rip back to the mistake, couldn’t figure out how to correct around the psso’s. I started this thing maybe 6 times and never got beyond the third set of the pattern rows. I even printed up each line individually so I could keep track of it. Total failure; must be attention deficit.


Anyhoo—I’d like to think I’m not the only idiot out here. Tell me your worse nightmare attempts. Just so I don’t feel bad about being a quitter. (My mother would have never forgiven me and is probably rolling in her grave. She liked to brag that she was a perfectionist; a trait she didn’t pass on to me. I like to get it done. )

BTW, I am totally amazed at y’all out there knitting and …sleeping, computing, reading… This pattern proved I can’t knit and chew gum at the same time.

Maybe I’ll just do one big seed stitch afghan. That I know I can handle.

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I really and truly look at every knitting situation as a learning experience.

I wanted to make baby booties for 2 friends having babies. Found a fairly intricate pattern. Got going on them…first set CO 88 stitches…HUH?? well it reduced down to the normal 44…sooo ok…going along fine…but I didnt’ like the way it was turning out…so I looked at the pattern AGAIN, adn I was using the wrong size needles. I frogged those booties like 3 times, and there was NO WAY I was going to CO 88 stitches AGAIN. So I got going on an “easier” CO pattern. This time was a “chevron lace” pattern…over like 3 stitches. I couldn’t get it right at ALL…it was also a picot edge…so I am learning a new technique. I understood all the directions, so that wasn’t it. We are now 3 days before the shower…and I finally get going the right way…and I goofed AGAIN…NO WAY these booties are going to get made before the shower which is now the next day.

So…the 3 things I put on my blog is that…

Never try to learn a new technique when there is a deadline, no matter how far the deadline is away…SOMETHING will mess it up.

Try to get a stash of completed projects going so that this won’t happen again.

And the most important thing…NOTHING is EVER EVER a mistake if we learn from it!!! I am SURE that someone else has said that along the way…but I know I thought of it myself!!! lol.

My mother is a perfectionist too. But we are not our mothers. We are ourselves. :slight_smile: And it wasn’t a failure. You might discover at some point that you will be able to concentrate and enjoy that intricate work later. I don’t cross stitch. I can’t count past 3. It was stressful. And I like to think of crafting as fun.

I have frogged many many projects…but just chalk it up to the learning experience. Make something you CAN make, and show us a picture.

Oh, and I also heard if you can repeat the mistake…it really isn’t a mistake, you just created something new!!!

I do have ADD, and a perfectionist mother…so I get it. :slight_smile:

Nothing too bad so far, but the Honeymoon Cami I just made is too big and I’m slightly peeved at the pattern and myself. I measured myself and my gauge carefully. I am in between sizes and since my yarn is part cotton, I was afraid it might shrink too small, so I made the larger of the two sizes. :doh: I should have made the smaller size, though my cami did shrink shorter, it would have fit better. Now I’m trying to figure out how to fix it. I do NOT want to frog - this yarn is too snaggy. So I’m contemplating different ways of machine sewing (securing) the edges and cutting (!).

I seem to yap more than I knit, so not many experiences yet. This is my worst.

I had problems with the first sweater I knit. Each piece looked perfect. When I joined the pieces it looked proportional, but the armholes were toooo small. :doh: All that work and no way to fix it. It took a while before I knit another sweater.

Well … mine is kind of disgusting … :oops:

I made the solid colored sweater in The Quick Book of Knit Sweaters. Well … um … somehow, my cat got ahold of it while it was drying from blocking. For some a$$inine reason, Mr. Feline thought my sweater was his potty pot!!! :evil: :evil:

I tried to handwash the stench out, but that didn’t work. (If you’re wondering what “the stench” is, you’ve probably not owned any cats :rofling: ) Anyhoo … I took it to the laundromat and machine washed/dried it. That took the stench out, but also stretched it out of proportion!!! :wall: I did a little more blocking and got it back into shape, but it was then still too big for me… :verysad: