You Thought Steeks Were Scary?

I was reading along happily in a book called “Knitting Tips & Trade Secrets: Clever Solutions for Better Hand Knitting, Machine Knitting, and Crocheting.” and came across an entry about Isolation Lace. Here is what it says…
"I have a Genie kh-710 Brother knitting machine that has a lace carriage but no isolation capabilities. Here’s how I make isolation lace motifs anyway.

I knit the garment in stockinette but don’t assemble it. Then I shape and knit the lace pattern with my lace carriage. Using a fade-away fabric marker, I trace the design on the garment where I want it. If I think that extra support or a backing is neccessary, I put o apiece of nylon organdy on top of the outline. Using a serger or a zigzag stitch on my sewing machine, I sew around the tracing, covering the edges of the nylon organdy. Then I turn the piece over and carefully cut away only the stockinette stitches inside the stitching.*

Finally, with the garment right side up, I pin the lace design in place over the cut out or cutout and organdy, being sure to cover the serging stitches. When I use a straight stitch and sewing machine to attach the lace, I also edge it with purchased lace. For a completely knit look, I duplicate-stitch by hand around the lace, using the same yarn. - Ellen J. Riggan, Gloucester, VA"

:notworthy: :shock: This woman is TRULY a master of her knitting! EZ would be proud, I think!

*The bolding is mine.[/b]

:shock: CRIKEY! :shock:

I think EZ would be appalled! She was all about making knitting easier, not harder–everything made in one piece, no seams, no weaving in–not even any purling if it could be avoided.

I think that EZ would be impressed that somebody would be able to do something like that with what they had at hand, but then again I agree. She’d probably set about trying to figure out a way to make it even easier than the normal methods! :lol:

She’d just knit the lace right into the sweater. Wouldn’t even break a sweat. :wink:

See, and you wonder why everybody worships at the shrine of Ingrid? :stuck_out_tongue:

Make that the shrine of EZ!

:rofling: Righto!

I’m a little confused about what this is talking about. I know what steeks are, but whaaat is this person talking about doing? What the heck are isolation lace motifs? They stitch around on a stockinette peice and cut away the unwanted areas? is that it? because if that’s all, it sounds kinda ugly, and like wasted time…if after all that knitting you cut it out…

What I got from it, and I could be wrong here, is putting lacy sections in knitting–like an panel or a motif.

I think I get it… I read it again and it sounds like she was embroidering with the zig zag stitch and then cutting away the excess stockinette stitches. Sounds weird, but I guess I’d have to see it.