You mean you're going to USE that?!

LOL I nearly forgot about this conversation from this weekend with my daughter Sarah.

My husband had asked me if I was going to make a scarf or something. I said that I’d thought about it, but it would take too long to complete it. I wanted to MAKE SOMETHING quickly so I was going to make a washcloth.

Sarah pipes up “You mean you’re going to USE that?!”

Me (laughing): “Yes, Sarah, of course I’m going to use it! That’s the whole point of making something!”

Sarah “Oh but why? You could just buy more washcloths!”

Me: “I could, but I rather like the idea of using something I made! You know, once upon a time people didn’t just go to Walmart and buy something they wanted, they had to MAKE it for themselves!”

Sarah “Oh. Oh yeah.”

Then I started in on "You know, it used to even be you went out into the sheep pen in back of the house, sheared it’s wool off, spun it into yarn and THEN you could use it. " but I lost her I think LOL!

Too funny! I love it when kids think that stuff just ‘is’ that way without any work!

Reminds me of a story my mom told me about my brother (older than me, now is 42) when she had him with while grocery shopping. Apparently he wanted something she wasn’t willing to buy for him so she told him, “I don’t have money for that today.” and he said, “Just write a check!” :wall:
I guess he was about 6 at the time…and ironically, has used that excuse in one manner or another many times since… :??

My kids are like that. If I tell them we don’t have the money for something, they’ll say, “Let’s just go to that machine (ATM) and get the money”! Even after explaining that you have to have the money to take the money out, they still don’t get it. Or they go to their piggy bank and take out 10 cents. To them, money is money and as long as you have at least one coin, you have enough to buy what ever you want!

Funny story mamabeth!

Now, wouldn’t that be nice!

I tell DH our washing machine must be an ATM. Gawd knows he never empties his pockets so when I take his wet clothes out to go into the dryer, invariably there are coins in the bottom of the washer. He doesn’t seem to find it as humorous as I do… prolly cuz I keep what i find! :teehee:

great story reminds me of when my son (8) was watching “Leave it to Beaver” (the older ones in B&W) with my mom and he said - “Mem whats wrong with your TV it all gray!” She explained to him that we did not always have color TV’s :teehee: Kids are SO funny

Well. My DH said the same thing and they are right about it.