You know you've got issues

when you’re excited about being put on 48-hours quarters for a stomach bug. I’m home for the next two days because my body has decided to go on strike. While it sucks that I have to sit here and feel like I just socked in the stomach, I do get two FULL days to catch up on my knitting!!! :cheering: :cheering:

So, in between trips to the bathroom, I fully intend on :XX: :XX: :XX: . Ahh, I need help…


No, you’re completely normal. (around here, anyway) I’ve often wished for a little bit of a sprained ankle or something to give me an excuse to sit home with my feet up and knit!

I’d better be careful, though, with my luck I’ll wish for an ankle injury and get a broken finger. GAAAAH! I’d need Valium, for sure. :rofling: