Yorkie lovers - Need a gift idea?

I came across this site via Wikipedia while doing some comparisons/differences between yorkies and silky terriers.

It’s the story of a yorkie who was acquired during World War II and how she became honored. I couldn’t resist ordering a copy of the book Yorkie Doodle Dandy myself and thought other yorkie lovers would be interested. Our first two yorkies were truly yorkies - only 6 lbs. each. Our current yorkie may bave been misidentified because his personality more fits the silky description as well as his physical attributes - he weighs 14 lbs. Either way, they are TERRIBLY cute and sweet dogs that steal your heart completely.


Oh my gosh, what a cute book. We have a yorkie that is 10 lbs. His name is Fortune and he is 10 years old now. He is seriously co-denpendent, rarely barks and is a real sweety. Even the mailman, UPS guys and Fedex guy like him! :slight_smile:

Fortune looks like our 14 lb. Pepper who we acquired from a rescue. His papers say he is a yorkie, but his hair doesn’t grow quite as long as a yorkies although it seems to tangle more easily than our previous yorkies. He’s always ready to run and play … always on the move when not napping. These are some of the differences between yorkies and silkies - along with silkies being somewhat larger. Both are hypoallergenic - great for people with allergies. I would recommend either for the First Family when they decide.