Yoke Knitting stitches don't divide evenly

Hello I just bought a new pattern! In the round yoke (Mont Lorne Interweave 2018 Issue) ok so the yoke chart pattern says start here end here when divide the stitches theres 5 extra OMG will the patter align? And what do I do with these extra stitches??

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Which size are you making? Have you split off the sts for each armhole and counted the sts that remain on the front and the back? How many sts do you have for front, back and sleeves?

Hi Im knitting size 46 in the Mount Lorne I haven’t started yet Im currently knitting a Katinka Lopi page 36 size 43 1/2 (med XL). The same issue comes up there too I frogged the first 10 rows of the yoke because i keep having 5 extra stitches Its driving me Crazy. I got bored of the Vogue Fair Isle pattern #3 Fall 2002 this was never an issue I have had before. Getting discouraged all this ripping out is making my yarn look pulled!

I currently have 216 stitches to be worked on the Katinka Lopi yoke and the chart pattern has 13 stitches

OK, so not the Mount Lorne. Is the Katinka Lopi in the same issue of Interweave Knits, Winter 2018? I don’t see it on p36. Is that the name of the pullover or the kind of yarn to use?

I would suggest in general to mark off the number of sts you need in each section before you knit the section. Count the sts. If you have too few or too many, adjust the stitch count on the row before the yoke pattern begins. The incorrect number will certainly throw off the pattern.

Thats what I am thinking to do with the Katinka I will finish this in the next day or so. When I bought the Mount Lorne pattern today and saw the same issue I was like OMG. The Mount Lorne is yoke down so I posted the question because im in the situation one is ending ( knitted bottom up) and the next is (top down yoke first) the same prob. So its fair to say the stitches in the yoke chart have to be divisible equally to make the pattern line up?

I don’t have the Katinka pattern but I do have the Mount Lorne. I don’t see the problem with the yoke. You start the yoke chart with 341sts. The chart repeat is 31sts. That evenly divides into 341.

Where are you seeing 5 extra sts?

ok so this is where I become Baffled
Beg and ending as indicated for
your size, work Rows 1–30 of Rose chart,

starting point for size 46 from beg to end size 42 has 62 stitches

I get 341 / 62 = 5.5

46-46 sorry

Start where the chart indicates “beg 46”. Work the first 12sts before the red box. Then work the repeat in the red box 10 times. Work only the repeat in the red box. When you get to the last 19sts, work the left most part of the chart up to the “end 46” mark.
That will effectively be 11 repeats of the pattern. 341/31=11


Oh my!! Thank you so much! My appreciation for you is ten fold!!!

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