Yoke Icelandic Sweater Pattern

I would like to make a yoke (seamless) icelandic sweater with a multi-color pattern, throughout the yoke area. I have found a couple of patterns one bottom up and the other top down. Neither of them explain how you go about including a pattern in those areas that include increases(decreases). They only discuss including them in the lowest part of the yoke where there are no increases(decreases) yet I have seen sweaters with pattern throughout the yoke. Anyone know how to do this? Anyone have a pattern where this was done?

Although I’m a sweater knitter, I’ve never knit an Icelandic yoke sweater :blush:. From what I’ve seen in patterns, though, all yoke increases/decreases are done above or below rounds of pattern elements.
Multiple incs/decs are done on only three or four rounds, I believe, in the entire yoke. If the sweater were top-down, you’d work the rounds of the first pattern, then several (or maybe just one?) rounds in just one color (you would have your multiple increases spaced evenly on just one of these one-color rounds), then the rounds of the second pattern, then more one-color rounds with multiple increases in one of them, and so on.
Rats! I’m not explaining this very well! Someone with [I]experience[/I] jump in here and help me!:pray:

Thanks Denise! I’ll take your advise and let you know how it comes out. I’ve made numerous Ganseys so this shouldn’t be too difficult.