My grandson was sqeezing into some old fleece gloves, so I whipped him up some mittens. I modified the pattern from www.helloyarn.com
to make them smaller with a more traditional top.

I actually knit 3 of them, since my first pass produced 2 left ones.:shrug::lol:

Aww, they’re so cute! or should I say “Arg matey those be mittens good enough for a captain!”

Very nice. They look like they would be nice and warm.:yay:

[B]Those do NOT look whipped up! They are stunning![/B]

Those are awesome, Ingrid! I hope when he loses one it will be the left one then. :roflhard:

:teehee: I ripped the extra down to the cuff to place the thumb on the other side. If he loses one, he’ll be wearing one knitted mitten and one old fleece glove!:rofl:


Wow! Those are so cool. I am sure your Grandson will love them.

Very cool!!! What a neat little pair of mittens!:woohoo:

those look great!

Ingrid, these are really cool mittens, if i was your grandson, i would ask for more :cheering:

They look super!!

WOW! Very nice! I took a Fair Isle class once…but didn’t do well with it. I just can’t seem to get the hang of the tension for the stranding the is on the wrong side. But, that is the beauty of knitting!! There is something for everyone!!! Only a few can do it all on a expert level. (not me!)

Thanks for sharing with us! :thumbsup:

Well, Ingrid, as usual - you’re work is awsome!!! Hoping someday I’ll be able to make mittens like that.

Love 'em! :inlove:

Thanks, everyone!:hug:

There real cute x

:happydance: Very nice!! They look great :happydance:

:psst: [COLOR=Silver] I think he needs a matching hat![/COLOR]

They look great! Lucky kid.