I understand how to do a yo, but what does yo2 mean? Do I wrap the yo around the needle twice or do the yo to 2 stitches in a row? The pattern then says for the next row, to work into the yo2 twice.

Thanks for any help, Jae

Yes, that’s how you do it, you’re making 2 extra sts instead of just 1. On the next row you should be knitting into both loops however it says.

Sorry, I’m still confused. I wrap the yarn around twice and knit the next stitch? Then when I do the following row, I purl into both loops.

Sorry to ask again, I am just a little lost and having trouble picturing it.

Thanks, Jae

You do two YO in a row, then on the next row P2 together… Or what the pattern says for row 2. I guess you didn’t type it specifically…

Yes, wrap twice, knit the next however many sts. On the next row, purl into both loops, it might be easier to twist the 2nd loop when you do, though it will make the hole smaller.