Making a ruffled edge. The directions are Row 1: K1,YO,K2tog,K1 end K3
Someone please explain this. Thanks[ul][/ul]

Which of the terms is giving you trouble?

If you check the Glossary tab on this site, it might sort out some confusions.

YO means yarnover. It’s pretty easy. See the video in the glossary section. Basically, you’re wrapping the needle just as you would to knit it – but you’re not inserting into a loop, so you’re not pulling through a loop. When you deal with it in the next row, it leaves a hole in your fabric.

K2tog means to knit two together. That’s just like it sounds – you stick your right needle through the two stitches on your left needle and knit just like normal.

So the instructions are telling you to knit one stitch, then begin a series of repeats that goes: yarn over, knit two together, knit one. Keep doing those repeated stitches between the asterisks till you get to the last three stitches of the row, then knit three.

Hope that helps.

Some instructions lead one to think that a YO is wrapping the yarn around the needle and knitting the next stitch. Not true, that’s a YO and K1.