I know I shouldn’t start using such a difficult pattern when I am fairly new to knitting but I am so confused about the difference in these abbreviation’s both English and USA. The pattern book I am using has the words - wool forward and wool round needle, I have watched the video here on [FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][COLOR=“Red”]YO[/COLOR][/FONT] but I still seem to mess it up. Could someone please help? :teehee:

The ‘wool round the needle’ is the same as yarn over I think. ‘Wool forward’ would just be bringing the yarn to the front.

Yup, what she said. Each book (and/or website) should have their own reference pages showing what their abbreviations mean.

Sometimes wool forward is bringing the yarn to the front, and if the next st is a knit 1 (or knit dec, like k2tog) then it’s the same as a YO. But if the next stitch is slipped, then you slip the stitch and move the yarn to the back (yb or wb) for the stitch after that.

and move the yarn forward or back between the stitches too… makes it much prettier and neater.

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][COLOR=“Red”][/COLOR][/FONT]:muah: Thank you so much DQ, Wandat, Suzeeq and LilHuskiesFootballMom. You are all such a help to me I think my knitting is looking good now!!! Your all the best…:happydance: