Yo, yarn over question on drop stitch pattern

i’m troubling viewing the video about yo, so i just ask here then…

ok, i found this pattern, part of it said : yo, k1

my question is, does the yo itself mean just ‘yarn over’, i mean, not including knit?
yo is increase and i got 2 loops on the right needle (1 extra loop) and then i knit next loop?

or (sorry, to much ‘or’)

the last loop on the yo will be knitted (k1)? i mean, i remove back the last loop on yo to the left needle and knit it (again)…

from the pattern i got (i count loop and all), seems like yo and k1 is 1 process…

this is the pattern…i got this from www.lionbrand.com…you can see the picture from this web…cool web, i like it…


Drop Stitch Pattern
(multiple of 8 sts plus 2)

Note: this is a generic pattern for creating this stitch pattern. For a single repeat, it would be eight stitches plus two additional stitches (but you’d have a VERY narrow piece!) In the example shown, there are four repeats of the stitch, so to make the same, you need to cast on 34 stitches (8 x the 4 multiple plus the 2 extra stitches.)

Preparation row (RS) *P2, k1, yo, k1, p2, k2; rep from *, end p2.
Rows 1, 3 and 5 (WS) *K2, p2, k2, p3; rep from *, end k2.
Rows 2 and 4 *P2, k3, p2, k2; rep from *, end p2.
Row 6 *P2, k1, drop next st off needle and unravel to the yo 6 rows below, k1, p2, k1, yo, k1; rep from *, end p2.
Rows 7, 9 and 11 *K2, p3, k2, p2; rep from *, end k2.
Rows 8 and 10 *P2, k2, p2, k3; rep from *, end p2.
Row 12 *P2, k1, yo, k1, p2, k1, drop next st off needle and unravel 6 rows down, k1; rep from *, end p2.

Rep rows 1-12.

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I’m not understanding all of your questions, so i’ll just try to explain it.

A yarn over is where you wrap the yarn around the needle without doing either a knit stitch or a purl stitch.

so for yo, k1 you wrap the yarn around the needle in the same manner as if you were knitting a stitch, then you do an actual knit stitch.

the yo is an increase so you’ll have one extra loop on the needle for every yo.

you did explain that to me sandra…

i just want to confirm…i hope i understand your explanation…

so yo itself is just a wrap…i mean, wrapping only that will result in an increase, right?..

may be my question is so stupid…it’s because i saw my printing tutorial (i got it from the internet)…it was said ‘yo increase’…and the way they show me the wrap is by bringing the yarn to the front, put the right needle to the left (as if to knit) and then bring the yarn back to the back of right needle, wraping the right needle as if to knit and then knit.

nah, that’s what i get about ‘yo’…it’s not just wrapping, the knit is included…

i hope this will work on other pattern…since i still have one pattern that is confusing me…if i still don’t get it, i’ll paste here the pattern.

thank you, sandra

If you bring your yarn forward as if to purl and knit the next stitch, that counts as the yo and the next knit stitch. The yo is just the wrap–not the wrap and the knit. You’ll use up your stitches too quickly if you count the knit as part of the yo.

yes ingrid…that was what i did…no wonder i feel strange with the former pattern i did…i did another pattern and was confused until now…because i lost 1 loop to do…as you said ingrid, i used up stitches to quickly…

thank you thank you sooooooo mucccchhhhh…

Your question is definitely NOT stupid. When you learn a YO (yarn over) in a book they always seem to show the next knitted stitch to show you what the YO looks like but it also makes you think the next stitch is part of the YO. I have been trying to knitjk lace patterns and been racking my brain for a week trying to figure out why my stitch numbers won’t match the chart after I knit a row…if anyone has any tips on repeats in lace patterns, I am all ears!!! So, you definitely do not count the stitch after the yarn over as part of the YO? It is a separate stitch following the YO on the chart?

Hi and welcome!
My favorite way to keep track of repeats in any pattern is to us markers. It there are a lot of sts or repeats, markers every 2 repeats work well.

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Hi! Thank you for your help! :blush: So…if there is a YO at the end of a repeat, the actual stitch following would be the first stitch in the next repeat? And if there is a 9 stitch repeat, the markers should never have to move?

A yarn over followed by a knit stitch is simply bringing the yarn to the front, then over the right needle to the back. Then go on to the next stitch, the knit at the beginning of the following repeat. When purl sts are involved the yarn over changes a bit but you’ll always be adding a new loop over the needle.
Repeats and therefore markers may change on the following rows, even with a given repeat. The repeat can shift along the row but if you want to make sure you get to the end of the row without missing or extra sts, use the markers before starting the row.

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Got it…am trying right now! I’m not sure why I am having so many problems with the decreases and YO. I thought I was a pretty intelligent person until I ran into knitting lace patterns! :rofl:

Lace can be a humbling experience as I’ve learned. Good luck with your pattern!

OMG!! It worked!! Thank you so much! Once I figured out I was incorrectly counting the stitch after my YO as part of the YO, the stitches worked out properly. :raised_hands:t3: Thanks again!!!

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