Is there a difference between Yarn Over and Yarn Forward? How do you Yarn Forward?

Nope, they are same thing. There are several different terms for the same YO. Usually it’s a cultural difference I believe.

The top of the page has a glossary where you can see the many different names. Here’s a direct link though.

AWESOME, I was hopping Yarn Over and Yarn Forward were the same thing, just wasn’t sure means the hat I’m working on might go faster! :smiley: Thank you so much Jan!

Generally they’re the same, if you bring the yarn to the front between 2 knit stitches it makes a yo. Sometimes yfwd is used in a slip stitch pattern where you bring the yarn to the front to slip a stitch, then move it back to knit the next one, but the pattern will say yb too. Doing yfwd then a decrease (sl 1, k1 psso) is making a yo too,