Yo, ssk

Stitch pattern is k1, YO, SSK

How do I YO followed by SSK? I am bringing the yarn to the front, slipping 2 sts knitwise, put them back on left needle, yarn in back, knit the 2 sts through back loop.

I must be doing something wrong in this sequence because it just doesn’t look right.


I’m not sure if i’ll be any help, but try slipping the 2 stiches purl wise onto your right hand needle. Then insert your left needle through the front of those two slipped stiches and knit them together. Hopefully i’m not messing you up more!

Leave the yarn in front.

Bring the yarn to the front, do the ssk with the yarn in front. It will create the yo when you knit the two together.

No, the sts should be slipped knitwise for a decrease. candice it sounds like you’re doing it right, the yo might slip around; but do a row of it, then work the next row and see if it comes out okay.

Thanks. I’ve done a couple of rows and something doesn’t look quite right. The YO looks fine, but I have an odd little “bar” from moving the yarn to the back. It was late last night, might have to start fresh today. I have made this hat before, so I’m going to have to check the other one when I get home.

Do SSK and K2tog through the back loop do the same thing (and look the same)? Someone posted on Ravelry that they do, but I haven’t tried it yet.


Politely butting in…

since I’m a new knitter, this interests me quite a bit. if you slip purlwise rather than knitwise, what changes? sorry if my question is dumb, just got me curious!

Hi boo1, don’t worry you’re not butting in when it’s a pertinent question. Slipping pwise makes the sts twist, which is also what happens with K2tog through the back loop. Just like when you knit a stitch tbl to make it twist…?

candice, I don’t know what you mean about a `bar’ from moving the yarn to the back. You’re knitting a st, yo, then ssk right? The yarn will be in the back from the knit st. Don’t pull the yo too tight.

You shouldn’t have to move the yarn back.

I am a beginner also and this helped me so much to understand the ssk. Thanks all of you!!

So very glad you asked this question.