Yo, ssk vs. k2tog, yo

At the moment I am knitting a top, and there is k2tog,yo and there is yo, SSK.

/o and o\

My question is… why are the holes different in size??? I am not able to make them identical in size… :thinking:

Is there a smart way to do the yo’s??

I don’t know if it’s of any comfort, but mine aren’t exactly the same size, either, when I have a design like that. There’s not a huge difference, but there is a difference all the same. It probably has to do with how far the yarn is travelling.

Thanks Ingrid, it was a quite comforting answer.

The yarn travelling… I make the yo’s as if to purl, maybe it could helf if I yo-ed the yarn as to knit?

It might be worth playing with. :thinking:

It could also possible be the tention of your knitting, you may not be keeping the same tention and that will make a difference.

it might also be the tension of the stitches on either SIDE of the yo
I noticed that my yo are bigger on one end of the knitted row than the other
and I know my Tension is tighter on the far end of the rown than the beggining
makes NO sense to me
but thats how it turns out