YO, SSK trouble

Hi there,

Hoping to find some guidance with this issue. I am knitting a cowl that has yo’s before k2tog’s and also yo’s after ssk’s. The yo, k2tog’s look great but for some odd reason, I can’t get the yo, ssk’s to look nice. They are big and stretched out looking. I don’t understand what is going on here. I’m not a beginner knitter but everything I have tried has not remedied this problem. I am continental style by default and I even tried knitting english (I get tighter tension with english). Nothing seems to help. Is there anyone who has had this problem in the past?

I am unable to upload pics from my phone but I’d you follow this link, there is a photo of the yo issue on there.

Thanks everyone.


I tried the ssk and the improved ssk in the k2tog, yo and a yo, ssk pattern but I’m not getting such a big difference among the holes. The best I can think of is to pull the yarn a little tighter after the yarn over when you go to work the ssk.
Some of the difference in the size of the holes will even out with blocking too.

Thank you for your reply. I played around a bit and I went to a regular ssk (I was doing an improved) and pulled the yo’s tighter and keeping the needles closer together. It has fixed the problem for the most part I think. Thanks again!

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I tried the different decreases and yo’s also. I didn’t see a huge difference. You could try wrapping the yo after the ssk so it is twisted and then untwist it when you knit into it,

Hmmm that’s an idea. I’m going to try that, thanks.

If you pass the first stitch knitwise for the ssk, do this for the second stitch and pass it purlwise. Your ssk will lay much neater . I do mine this way: slip 1 knitwise slip one purlwise ,knit both in the back loop.

Daylilydayzed I also usually do my ssk’s like that. For some reason whatever I do doesn’t work.

So far, I have tried:
pulling the YO tighter,
keeping stitches close to the tips,
improved ssk,
regular ssk,
backwards YO and untwisting it the next row,
I have even tried YO, k2tog tbl but NONE of this works.

I still wind up with gaping yo holes. I worked more on this today and please see the photo I’ve attached.
This demonstrates how large the holes are and this is trying everything above.

Maybe it’s just my technique in combo with the nature of the stitch combo?

The size of your yarn overs are related to the size of your needle, But when the item is washed and blocked they will even out.