YO question

I’m working on a hat and the YO stitch is called for. The only time I’ve used YO in the past was in between knitting stitches, so I bring the yarn forward (as if I was going to purl), knit, and wrap the yarn around.
However, this pattern calls for YO followed by p2tog. I’m just not sure how to YO - I guess I have to wrap the yarn around the needle one full time, and then proceed to purl? Because obviously if I just bring the yarn forward as if to purl and then purl, it won’t create an extra stitch.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Oh - and same thing (but the opposite), if the pattern calls for: p2tog, YO, k2tog?

Right. Bring the yarn all the way around the needle.

True. To do a YO before a purl, you have to go around the needle, THEN bring the yarn forward for the purl.

Amy has a video about yarn-overs on this page:
(scroll down to the bottom of the page)