Yo k2tog as one stitch

Hi everybody

I’m in the middle of starting the perky little hat on ravelry on the fourth or fifth row it says to start yarn over net to together but it’s supposed to be as one stitch if I do a regular yarn over and regular natural together it comes out with an extra stitch. Can somebody please explain or show me on a YouTube that I’ve tried to look for how to do the stitch thank you

I think it is the same as doing the 2 things separately isn’t it?
So the yo adds a stitch and the k2tog takes a stitch away leaving the same stitch count.
Do you have a stitch count for the row beginning and end?

If it is not the same I’d be interested to see how this is different.

What is the name of your pattern?

It’s called “ perky little hat”

It’s a total of 40 stitches i’m doing magic loop so 20 on each needle cable.

On the pattern does it give the stitch count as 40 for the previous round, and then give the same stitch count at the end of the round you are asking about?
If no stitch count is given on this round can you look ahead a little to check that you are still supposed to have 40 at this point?
If the stitch count is not to change on this round then I do think the yo, k2tog, is the same whitethorn described as one stitch or not.

When knitting yarn is in back, bring to front as though to purl but do not purl. Then k2tog in the usual way. The yarn will end up at the back.

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The problem might be the yarn over. Remember that a yarn over doesn’t use up a stitch. Bring the yarn strand to the front between the needles then over the right needle to the back. That’s it. You’re adding an extra loop over the needle but not using one of your sts to do that.