(yo, k1, yo) into next st

Does anyone know how to do this? Would love the help!



Knit into the stitch, leave it on the left needle, bring the yarn around the right needle and knit into it again. It sounds harder than it is.

Go to the bottom of the page, it’s the last video.

Not quite, that’s just a YO. The question is about doing a k, YO, K all in [B]one[/B] stitch, a double increase.

The request is actually how to perform Yarnover, knit one, yarnover. it is still a double increase, and is most likely just an alternative to giving the directions as three seperate stitches. It would be worked as if three seperate stitches.

Bring the yarn between the needles over the right needle and back into position to knit. Knit one stitch. Bring the yarn between the needles and over the right needle back into the knit position. O, k1, O completed.

(O,k1,O) into next stitch is the same as O, k1, O

Oh whoops, I missed that it’s 2 YOs and 1 knit.

Thanks! I dunno why I’m making it harder than it needs to be.

It’s a sweater that starts off as k2, p2 rib (starting from top to bottom) and then about half way down the back, it says to [B][U](yo, k1, yo) into the next st[/U][/B] in the middle of the back…

Does that make sense?

So eventually, the back of the sweater will be like an upside-down [B]V[/B]…

4 sts are supposed to be increased each time and always in the middle…

Anyway, Thanks guys! I’ll keep working it and let you know if I need more help! :slight_smile:

Well, it is kind of an unusual direction!

Especially as you don’t really YO [B]into[/B] a stitch. It’s just a yo, k1, yo increase.

Exactly! It would confuse me too!