YO eyelets

I’m making yarn-over eyelets for an evening bag and my question is how do I make the eyelets slightly bigger? I’m using using yarn and needles thinner than the original pattern and I susspect that my eyelets will be too small for the cord closure to loop through.


Knit through the back loop (ktbl) of the yo instead of the normal way–that really opens up the hole and will ensure you can get a cord or ribbon or whatever through.

Dear Angelia,

Thanks very much for your help.

You may have wondered why I’ve not replied. That is because I’ve been trying to do these tricky eyelets during the last few days. I did as you suggested and they came out really nice after alot of practice.

I’ll provide a picture of the bag when it’s done as I do with all my other finished projects.


Oooh, good to hear the eyelets worked! It does take practice–even tension is key with eyelets, as I have discovered myself after much practice :wink:

I can’t wait to see the bag! :cheering: