Yo before slip stitch (continental)

I’m testing a lace pattern (Little Flowers) which has a YO before a slip stitch in several variations. Here’s a part of the pattern:

K4, yo, sl1, k1, psso

Here’s another:

K2tog, yo, k1, yo, sl1, k1, psso

I’m a Continental knitter, although I know how to do English as well. With these instructions, how do I do the YO before the slip stitch, just move the yarn forward and then slip knitwise? Or do a full wraparound and then slip purlwise? Thanks for any help.

You always slip the st knitwise for a decrease, but it’s easier to think of a yo as wrapping the yarn around just like you do for a knit stitch.

K4, yo, sl1, [U]k1[/U], psso

K2tog, yo, k1, yo, sl1, [U]k1[/U], psso

What really affects how this yo is done is the next st that is worked, the ki. Since it’s a k1, just bring the yarn forward, slip the st, then bring the yarn to the back over the needle for the k1.

Bringing the yarn forward, then slipping the st before the k1 can often cross the yo with the sl st and the wrong one will be lifted over the k1. It’s easier to think of a yo as bringing the yarn around the needle to the back, then you can put a finger on it to hold it away from the sl stitch.

Yes, that was exactly what was happening, especially since I was using pretty thin yarn. Thanks for the suggestion!

It’s just laying the yarn over the needle. You can hold the YO in place on top of the right needle with your right index finger as you slip the next stitch and do whatever else is required until it’s anchored. I use this technique when doing the Brioche stitch.