YO at beginning of row

I am making kitchen towel toppers.
The pattern says c/o 7 stitches
***1st row: (RS) K1. *P1,K1. Rep from * to end of row.
Work another 3 rows in this seed st. pattern
Next row: (buttonhole row). Seed st. pat across 3 sts. yo. K2tog. Seed st. pat to end of row.
Continue in seed st. pat until work from beg measures 5" ending with RS…Well, I finally got this okay,


Next row: yo.pat to end of row
Next row: same
Next row: work even in seed st. pat

I cannot for the life of me understand how you yo at the beginning of a row. Could someone help me out please, as I have ten of these to do. I would sure appreciate it. Thanks in advance

As you get ready to do the first stitch put your working needle under the yarn that goes off to your skein, from that position go ahead and knit the first stitch. Because the yarn was running over the right hand needle before you knit the stitch you get a yarn over at the beginning of the row.

If the first stitch has to be a purl do it the same way but after you take the needle under the yarn, keeping the loop over the needle, bring the yarn under the right hand needle and to the front so you can purl. Keep that yarn over loop pretty tight if you have to purl or it may make an oversize loop at the beginning of the row.

Merigold I think you meant to put the needle over the yarn. If you put the needle under the yarn it’s not going to cause a yarn over.

I think the way you should think of this is as a yarn forward and then a knit. So what you would do is place working yarn in the front of the needle, so that the yarn comes directly down from the needle and toward you. Don’t double wrap the yarn by taking the yarn under and over the needles to get to this position. Place the right needle over the top of the working yarn and into the stitch. Then you want to knit that first stitch like normal. Because the yarn was in forward position and under the right hand needle, its going to create a yo when you move the yarn to the back in order to knit that first stitch and then the actual knit will create the 2nd stitch.

If you put the needle under the yarn it’s not going to cause a yarn over.

Sure it will. If the yarn is off to the side and you slip the needle under it and insert into the st and knit it, it’s going to keep the yarn over the top of the needle and make the YO.

trvv5, I totally don’t get how doing what you say makes a yarn over at the beginning of the row. :?? I sometimes make mistakes in under/over, front/back, but not this time. That is what I meant to say.

Do you knit English? If you do then your way makes sense to me. I think I’ve been knitting continental for so long that I automatically assume that everyone else knits the way I do.

I actually knit Continental. I was doing it English because I figured the gal with the question knit that way, but I would describe it almost the same for Continental. When I do it Continental I have the yarn behind the needle so that I can knit, I run the working needle behind the yarn that goes to my left hand and then I bring it to the front and into the stitch to knit it. YO accomplished, first k st done.

I’m wondering how you hold your yarn. There are all sorts of ways to do it. I do mine just like Amy does on the videos. I think I figured out what you are saying (with DH’s help) but it seems awkward that way and my way seems easier. :lol: If your way works well for you that’s fine. Try it my way and see if it isn’t easier. :lol: I said I think I understand what you are doing but it would be nice if we could sit together and demonstrate to each other what we are doing. Your way seems so awkward, maybe it it is not what you are doing. And if my way seems weird, maybe you aren’t understanding it. :lol: It isn’t always easy to convey knitting in words. Knit on!!

Ok Ok. I think I understand the way that you are doing it now. I have a feeling that we’re doing it in similar ways, but we’re coming at it from different sides. It’s so hard to explain it in text. You’re right, it’d be so much easier to show each other. This is why I love a good stitch n bitch. It’s nice to pick up new styles of doing things from other people that you can sit down and chat with. We don’t really have any well attended groups here though.

Sorry if I came across as though I was questioning your method of doing things, it just seemed like we did it the same way and you had used a wrong word by accident. I see now that we actually do it a different way.

No offense taken. I do sometimes “throw the horse over the fence some hay” (had to use that unusual expression often used by a good knitting friend of mine :slight_smile: ), so it isn’t bad to say, “Is that really what you meant to say?”, sometimes it isn’t :oops:

It never ceases to amaze me how many different ways there are to do something. I learn new things practically every day. Yes, we are approaching that YO from different sides. I didn’t know it could be done starting with the yarn in the front, but I see it can.

I do sometimes “throw the horse over the fence some hay”

Sounds like German sentence structure.

And since I knit english, it’s very easy to hold the yarn off to the side or in front so it will wrap around the needle.

Hmmm. :lol: I do believe my friend is of German ancestry, and her husband is Dutch.