YIKES! Thank goodness we're not like this!

I was cruising around for iPod cozies, even though I have my own ideas, and I found this and began reading the comments. JEEZ! Thank goodness our community isn’t like this!

I think the URL address got chopped up, so I can’t see it …


I have knitted some ipod cozies by the way, have you seen them?

Wow, what awful posts! My middle schoolers aren’t that ugly to each other! YEA, KH. Any question gets full attention and ENCOURAGEMENT. I am thankful for all my friends here!

OMfreakinG! :shock: I just don’t understand why people would be so rude and hurtful. So the person made a tutorial for something that seemed easy to someone else? Big whoop. Why not let it just slide without comment rather than wasting everyone’s time by butchering the poor person? And the grammar queen! Is that really necessary?


That’s why I love KH, we don’t feel the need to do things like this. We’re all about enabling and group hugs! Anyone want to make an iPod cozy tutorial, go for it :thumbsup: !


WOW. :shock:

:heart: :heart: :heart: THANK YOU KH!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

People like that make me dislike the human race sometimes. WTF difference does it make! I don’t think I’d have lasted five minutes around here if people were like that! Well, actually, I don’t think any of us would still be around. Sheesh!

[color=red]And Virtuella–I HAVE seen your cosies, and I don’t know why you bothered to show them. Don’t you know that we already KNOW how to make them?

Demonstration of life in the other lane.*[/color]

I’m sure they’re lovely and creative! :wink:

I am very sorry to tell you this, guys, but that isn’t the only other forum out there that is so hurtful to one another! I was a member of a very large knitting forum that did nothing but argue and backstab one another at any given opportunity! THAT is why I :heart: :inlove: :heart: this forum and everyone on it because we know the value of friendship and self-respect and love to have fun with one another!! We are very, very BLESSED to have this knitting/friendship forum!!

One of the reasons I love this forum I’ve seen the ugly on other boards not knitting either on teddy bear boards … some people I think get jealous cause they didn’t come up with it first and they have to break the person down… :rollseyes:


Its even worse that that is not another FORUM…it’s someone’s personal BLOG! I think of that as being a REALLLY bad guest.

Yeah…that would NOT be tolerated here. AND, Im glad that we’ve never even had someone TEST that theory! We should post our “Core Values” somewhere…Respect, Enthusiasm, Fun and Love of the Art!

Wow :shock: Talk about a waste of perfectly good oxygen. I sure am grateful to you guys for your helpfulness, sincerity and friendship. :thumbsup:

[color=red]ACTUALLY, it’s NEITHER a blog NOR a forum. It’s a community, or are you too daft to notice?[/color]

o.o Wow. Yeah, life in the other lane sucks. Sorry Kelly! :hiding:

I’m so glad I never stumbled into any other knitting group. I like KH just fine!!

[color=red]Well, AIDAN…Im glad you were SNOTTY enough to point that out to me![/color]


I used to post in another knitting forum. the majority of people were fun and positive, but some were kinda on high horses and were uber-this and uber-that and, well, overall, KH is MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCH friendlier.

:heart: hugs to all of you :heart:


You forgot the apostrophe in I’m.[/color]

[color=red]What’re you? The freaking Punctuation Police?[/color]

:rofling: This reminds me of when me and my brother play fight and eventually my parents can’t tell if we’re playing or actually fighting anymore.

I just replied to it too…I cant believe everyone let negativity override themselves. I’m so glad I havent caught that here.

[color=red]English is our native language! Use it properly or don’t waste our time posting, you illiterate![/color]

[color=red]Oh PUH-LEEZ, :rollseyes: this is an international site. Not everyone here speaks English as their native language, you totalitarian witch! [/color]

:roflhard: We sound so utterly absurd and petty! :roflhard: