Yikes, did I pick up stitches wrong? with a crochet hook

Oh shoot. I was so pleased with myself but now I think I did it wrong.
(INgriiiiiiid!) Um, I’m done with the body of the shrug from Interweave Magazine, and now am supposed to pick up 79 stitches along the selvedge edge. (what the heck does selvedge mean)

wait… I’m getting off topic! So it’s hard to pick up stitches with just the knitting needle so I used a crochet hook but now I think, after watching Amy’s video, that I didn’t ‘knit’ as I went along. I just pulled a loop through with the crochet hook and then put stitches onto my circular after I had about 10 or 20 picked up. So I guess I didn’t knit them on. Is that right? So I made a mistake and have to knit them as I go?

ohhhhhhhh and I was all ready to finally try this …


The instruction “pick up and knit” should be banished from the knitting language! The “pick up” part is putting your needle or crochet hook through the right stitch. The “knit” part is pulling the yarn through.


Selvedge stitches are the edge stitches that are added for seaming or picking up. (selvedge = self edge)

oh my god you’re kidding!!! I can’t believe it. I kept looking at it and wondering how would it look different if I had ‘knit’ it! That’s so weird when it’s obvious but, the terminology confuses you anyhow…

I was killing time just now over at the New York Sheep & Wool festival site, just waiting for (your) an answer! I’m so happy, thanks Ingrid for replying so quickly. I can go back to work now…

By the way, if you want to have a good time or maybe you’ve already gone to this, I went for the first time last year… it is so fantastic. I can’t wait to go again this year, they have wonderful yarn for sale and some great workshops I see. Here’s the link in case you don’t have it: (It’s in Rhinebeck)


Rhinebeck is only about a half-hour from me. I might go up, not sure yet. I went to a small, local sheep and yarn show, but I found that I couldn’t really decide on home-spun yarn because I didn’t know what I would do with it specifically–gauge questions, yardage amts and the like. It’s not like if I ran out I could order more.

Since it’s so close I think I’ll decide based on the weather and whatever else is going on. I know that people come from all over to go to this.

Ingrid if you decide to go let me know, we can say hello to each other! I got wonderful homespun yarn at the show last year, two types, one a rougher gray and one a very soft beautiful white. I still haven’t used them, they are so beautiful I’m waiting for the right project, a sweater probably. The other thing is there’s all these women walking around in the most incredible hats and sweaters and stuff, it’s a gas to see all the creations. And the foods good and the sheep are really neat to look at.

ok, got to get to that shrug… do let me know if you go!

I will! :thumbsup: