(yfwd, yrn)


I am knitting the Lauryn Shawl by Lisa Richardson.

In the pattern, @ Row 3 it says:

K6, * (yfwd, yrn) twice, K1, (yfwd, yrn) 3 times, K1, (yfwd, yrn) 4 times, K1, (yfwd, yrn) 3 times, K1, (yfwd, yrn) twice, K6, rep from * to end.

First of all, what is (yfwd, yrn)?
& once I know what yarn forward followed by yarn round needle means exactly, is is K6, * (yfwd, yrn) twice or is it (yfwd, yrn) twice?

I would really appreciate your help.

Yarn forward and yarn round the needle is a detailed description of a yarn over which in your instruction is followed by another yo. There’s a video here.
The instruction “twice” refers to the (yfwd, yrn). That kind of usage refers to whatever is in the preceding parentheses.

Thank you so much for the quick response salmonmac. So, on a knit row, the (yfwd, yrn) simply means yarn forward, even though it looks as though it’s written as two yarn forwards together to me? Then if (yfwd, yrn) is followed by twice, I would bring the yarn forward twice in a row?

Yes, it’s basically bring the yarn forward between the needles, bring it to the back over the needle (that’s the first time), around the needle to the front again and back over the needle (that’s the 2nd time). I think it’s just a very detailed way of giving the directions.

Yes, looking at the pattern, you’re basically getting 2 wraps around the needle, then 3, 4, 3, and 2 to make the strands longer.

Thank you both so much. It’s been some time since I picked up the needles. Life has been very stressful.

It’s really calling for a yo twice, double YO, then yo 3 times. Here’s another way to write it maybe that will make more sense to you -

K6, * yo twice, K1, yo 3 times, K1, yo 4 times, K1, yo 3 times, K1, yo twice, K6, rep from * to end.

Hi Suzeeq,

Oh I noticed you are a fan of ravelry. If you search there for Cable-Yoke Jacket by Martin Storey & Sharon Brant, well I was invited to have my finished project displayed on that pattern. My ravelry name is LadyJane. Thank you for your input on my question by the way.

Many of us belong to ravelry, including Ingrid, Jan in CA and more. That’s great that your FO is a featured one on the pattern page.

I was just as confused by the writing of this pattern as the initial post…thanks , especially to suzeeq to making this crystal clear and easy to deal with. :cheering: