Yfwd, sl.1, K.2 tog, psso, etc. How to do yfwd?

ello, I have a question to get me restarted on a complicated sweater I put aside, and then forgot how to do. This is a pattern from the U.K. so the instructions are written differently than an American pattern would be. Here’s what it says: K4,P2,yon,K1,yfwd,sl.1,K2tog.,psso,(K6,P3) twice,K6, K3tog,yfwd, K1 yrn,P2. Questions: Are the yon, yfwd, and yrn all increases? Also, what am I meant to do with the yarn when it is forward in the yfwd when I sl.1 then K2tog. and psso? My pattern in subsequent rows does not line up, so something is clearly wrong with the way I’m doing it–and redoing it–and redoing it! Thanks for any help.

Not sure on the “yon”

K1,yfwd,sl.1,K2tog.,psso- With this you will knit 1, yo(bring yarn between needles to front), slip the next st, knit the next 2 sts together, then pass the slipped st over (yfwd means yo)

Not sure what “yrn” is.

Hope this helps some. Mary

Good Mornin (or afternoon),
This has come up a lot lately, especially with patterns written in UK terms.
Yf (yarn forward)= if the next st is a knit st is the same as a YO (yarn over)
Yon( yarn over needle)= is usually listed if the next st is a purl and is also a YO.
Yrn (yarn round needle)= YO
Hope this helps ya’ll:thumbsup: