YFWD and YO? Same thing?

Just curious…I started an intermediate project for the first time today…it seems to be going ok except I’m finding when I do YFWD it gives me an extra stitch (which it’s supposed to because it calls for k2tog) and all ends up with an equal 58 stitches on my needle…

I’m really just wondering…this is the same technique used in other patterns I’ve seen called as YO…are YFWD and YO really the same thing?

A yarn forward is the same as a yo IF the yarn forward is followed by a knit stitch. Sometimes you put the yarn forward to slip a stitch, or do different things with the pattern.

I think the difference in terminology depends on which side of the ocean the pattern’s from.

YAY! I was doing it right!

Thanks so much for clarifying that for me!!!

…back to the Oscars and knitting!