Yf then knit

I knit the Continental Method and for the life of me I do not know how to knit with the yarn in front. Would someone be able to explain how to do this. This question was asked previously but I do not understand the answer.

:thinking: Are you referring to purling or a yarn forward? Are you doing a specific pattern direction? If so, maybe you could post the whole description of what you are trying to do.

I’d say yf and knit would just be a way to give you a yo. I hope if they wanted you to purl, they’d just say so. You never know with some patterns, though.

The pattern states "k2, *y.f., sl.1, k2 tog, psso, y.f., k5, rep from *"
I presume y.f. means yarn in front. How can I knit when the yarn is in front and when I knit the yarn needs to be in back. The pattern does not state yarn over. I have no problem with yf and sl one stitch, but the yf then knit is driving me bonkers.

Actually, I think you need the two yo’s that will result from the yf. Since you’re doing a double decrease with the k2tog psso, you need to offset that with the yo’s on either side.

Are you saying that even though the pattern does not call for me to yarn over that I need to yarn over? Does the yf (yarn forward) mean yarn over? The pattern in question is the Angel Cardigan from Kat’s Knitting Emporium.

Since it’s not a ‘classic’ yarn over, but one that results from having the yarn in front when you do the other stitches, the designer probably thought it was best to phrase it like that.

You’ll end up with an eyelet, a ‘cluster’ from the decreases, an eyelet and knit 5.

Thanks, I will try doing a yarn over and see how it comes out.

Have a great Holiday weekend!