YF then K2 tog?

I am trying my first cable pattern and the row i am working on calls for YF then knit 2 tog… perhaps I am making this harder than it seems, but how do you knit 2 together with the yarn in front?


if you substitute YF with YO would that make the pattern make more sense? i always interpret that the same way you have but apparently some patterns use YF instead of YO. Try a yarn over…that should work for you.

I knew I was making things harder than they seemed!!!

Sheesh… Can’t we all just use the same terminology?


thanks so much!

I am off to :XX:

not at all. i have sat there and looked at my knitting and looked at a pattern and went :?? (which is hard to do with knitting in your hands!) from that one before cuz all i could figure out was that they were asking me to knit it into a big knot! :wink: