Yet Another Booger

I was going to make this for myself and then my DD’s teacher saw it while I was knitting it and… She is my favorite teacher of all the ones my kids have had. She is an amazing woman. So it’s going to her. I used WOTA for the base (Blueberry) and Noro Kureyon (color #154). I made it even bigger than Carol’s Booger and it’s a perfect size.

Love that 154!!! I made my sister’s Booga out of it…very nice! And very generous of you! :heart:

Lovely bag, and some beautiful flowers in the background! Way to go, and how generous to give it to your child’s teacher. She will love it. :heart:

[color=blue]Love it! :heart: Great Colors!

sebago, me[/color]

Great job - those colors are stunning!

:smiley: Love it, love the colorway :thumbsup:

I adore this bag! :heart: Could you please tell me where to find the pattern? :?? I am new to the forum so if this is a redundant question I apologize! I would love to do some of these for gifts too! :happydance: Thank you so much.
Sop 1 in NC

Here you go: booga bag

Thank you so much!!! :thumbsup:
Sop 1

Thanks so much for posting the link for the pattern. :thumbsup: I’m new here too and I love those so much. The problem with this site is that I’m getting too many ideas on what I want to make and I need more time in the day! :happydance:

I think these bags are so beautiful. I have to make myself one soon. :inlove:

Love the bright colors – it looks great!

Love those colors!

Thanks everyone! Now I get to pick up some more Noro for mine!! I made my base about 40 stitches wide by about 32 stitches long. Then I made the I-cord. Then I just kept knitting until all of the yarn was gone (3 skeins). I love the size!

What a nice bag. Lovely yarn choice, too! :thumbsup: