Yee Haw..Knitty Gritty is back!

My DVR started recording new episodes of Knitty Gritty…I am soooo excited:cheering: I watched one today with Lily Chin (I Love Her)…she did Crochet Stitches with Knitting Needles:inlove: Totally Cool…then at the end of the show, Lily was just sitting there crocheting her buns off…:happydance:

I like Lily Chin, too. I wonder if they’ll have better projects this season. Most of the stuff I would never knit… a little uh… unusual for me I guess.

Yes, I’ve noticed too, and I’m so happy it is back on!

Even if I wouldn’t knit it, I watch anyway. There have been quite a few episodes that I have learned some new trick or tool that made the whole episode worthwhile.

Yeah! .:happydance: I put them to record too. I might try to knit an item from the show once I become advanced or at least finish my first two projects. :woot:

I agree with you Jan. Some of those projects are quite odd. Maybe if they had projects most people would like to do the ratings would be a lot better.

The “new” ones recording for me are not “out there” at all…even so, I like whatching the odd ones, those projects still use some design and expertise… :hug:

My tivo has been recording them too but the only new one was the holiday show…the others have been on before. I wish they would show the newer ones…I’m keeping my tivo set to record 'cause I remember reading that a season was taped but not shown, so I thought maybe they would mix them in or something :teehee:

I was excited too when my DVR started recording KG again until this week. Apparently, KG is on 1/week now. Oh well. I said this more than once, I think Vickie Howell should do DVD’s of her shows. At least, when there is nothing to watch to TV, I watch them. I read her blog the other day, she’s having a girl.