Year of the Snake Pattern

Does anyone have a knitted pattern of a snake? My unborn granddaughter will be born this year and my daughter wants me to knit a blanket. When her other daughter was born, it was the year of the rabbit and I used a rabbit pattern for a dish cloth. Please, please help me. Thank you!!! :slight_smile:

I checked ravelry and found a few.

There are more snake patterns but these are the blankets that showed up.

Thank you so much!!! My daughter will be excited to know you gave me this suggestion. You are awesome!!! Thank you :cheering:

As long as she doesn’t hate snakes like I do. Bunnies are cute. :teehee:

I’m glad you liked the link. I need a bigger hat now. :wink:

I liked the green garter snake blanket. I have a small toy snake on the dashboard of my car on the passenger side that I named Shotgun. I don’t like to touch snakes, don’t want real ones in my home, but they can live outside and eat all the bugs and other pests they want. I saw the little snake I keep in my car on the sidewalk and realized when it was still there the next day that it was either dead or fake. It took a long time before I would touch it.

Oh I have little lizards. On a sunny day, I open my door and can see them “sunnin’” or running away. I am waiting for my daughter to wake up so I can show her the patterns. Thanks again.

This is what she chose Thanks again. I have been looking for months!!!:yay:

Cool. You know, I’ve looked and looked for something and then I’ll see a link to a pattern someone’s doing and wonder why I never saw it when I was looking around, it’s just what I wanted. I’m just glad you found something she wants to do.

My daughter kept a lizard once. It was sunning on the screen door and she caught it. We called it dragon. We didn’t know what it was but I came across a picture on line and found out it was an alligator lizard. They can be so hard to ID.