Yb-yarn back

I am trying to knit a bunny for my great neice and was doing quite well until I started working on the arms. This is the instructions that stumped me: K16,yf, sl 1, yb, turn. The k16 I get and I know that sl is slip. but I am lost on what to do with yf and yb. Grateful for any help. :???:

I am a knitter from southeastern NC.

It’s yf = yarn forward, take the yarn to the front; yb = yarn back, take it to the back of your work. So k16, bring yarn to the front, slip a stitch, bring yarn to the back and turn your work. This wraps the yarn around the slip stitch so it won’t leave holes in the short rows.

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yarn forward is “as if to purl” -just move the yarn to the position as if you were purling.

yarn back is “as if to knit” -just move the yarn to the position as if you were purling.

That’s one way to remember how to move the yarn, but also remember to slip the st purlwise, not knitwise.


:woot: Thanks to both of you for your response. Once I saw your explanations it made perfect sense.:grphug:

Thank you so much, I was only working 4 stitches on a baby hood but it was driving me to distraction! x