My best friend is pregnant with their 2nd baby…I hafta get good enough to knit a sweater and socks for her! :cheering:

Knitting baby/kids clothes is the best way to prepare for knitting adult clothes. All the shaping is the same, but fit isn’t as important and kids don’t mind ‘glitches’ as much as we would in our own clothing.

Have fun!

Congrats to your friends,
Ingrid is right, and the little clothes won’t take up nearly as much yarn. Another plus is; they get done quickly… another American foible is near-instant gratification. As for me, I only want 2 things out of life… I want it ALL and I want it NOW!!!

Oh I wish one of my daughters would get married and have a baby for pete’s sake! Sheesh! Congrats to your friend and have fun!

Knitting baby socks is SO gratifying! I can usually whip up a baby sock in a couple of hours. 32 stitches on dpn’s and they are only about 4-5 inches long from cuff to toe. All the elements of an adult sock (cuff, leg, heel flap, turned heel, instep and toe) but in a fraction of the time.

Where is a good baby sock pattern? I would like to make a pair.


Knitting baby stuff is so fun! Almost makes me want to encourage my friends to have more :roflhard: :roflhard:

I’ve actually never knitted a sock or anything, only scarves, a hat, and some blankets. Guess I should get some dpns and start practicing!