YAY! STR in da house!

I got my Socks That Rock today… I ordered it about two weeks ago. Postmark on the envelope is the 23rd, so that’s not bad at all. The website does not do these colours justice! I’m sitting here like a fool rubbing it against my cheek and squishing the hanks! It’s soooo hard NOT to put down the WAY too many projects I have on the go here and watch Amy’s video on hand ball winding. OH! And gotta find a pattern in my stash of Jennie Townsend’s for this stuff…

:shock: must… not… feel… the… yarn… :shock:
what are these dpns doing in my hand?? :rollseyes:

Why NOT? FEEL AWAY! Its YOUR yarn! :roflhard:

What’s Sock That Rock? Is THAT the yarn? Is it a book? Can you post a link?

DITTO KK…I’m not familiar with Socks that Rock ( I can’t believe I’m out of the sock loop :shock: ) You must post a photo…pretty please :wink:

STR has got to be the yummiest sock yarn ever! I was turned on to it by a sock list that I belong to. I have heard raves about how stretchy and easy to knit it is. You can find the yarn itself here: http://www.handspinning.com/thefold/yarn.blue.html The main site for The Fold is here: http://www.handspinning.com/thefold

I got the last hank of ‘Azure Malachite’ and ‘Romancing the Stone’ that Toni had. There is supposed to be enough in one hank to make an adult pair of socks, and I’m trying sooooo hard not to find out yet. This is the best SEX ever! :roflhard:

Looking at the yarn itself, it seems to have a very tight twist on it which would explain the “springiness” I’ve heard other knitters mention when working with it. I know from crocheting with threads that were highly twisted, that I had problems with it kinking up on itself from the twisting. I also know that it makes for no problems with splitting, and it’s nothing that letting my work hang and uncurl won’t fix. I will be sure to let you all know as soon as I have it wound and cast on… which at this rate might be tonight… hubby might have to understand that, “no dear, we can’t go play pool tonight, I have STR to use!!!” :roflhard: :happydance: :XX:

There’s pictures of the hanks on The Fold’s website {see my previous post}. Once I succumb to the urge to ball it, I will post pics of it then. I see yet ANOTHER aquistion syndrome gearing up here! :thumbsup:

THOSE ARE SO BEAUTFIUL! And it sounds delicious!

WOW! That looks MIGHTY YUMMY! :heart:

oh man!!! this place is like 30 miles from where I work!!! I see a field trip coming up soon!!!

:drooling: That is some of the most yummilicious yarn I’ve seen…I MUST have some :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

OMG! I am so in love with those colors. Wow! :inlove:

Well we want a complete report and photos of your field trip… some souvenirs would be nice too! :roflhard:

Those are so yummy. Must resist. Checkbook empty. Must resist. :smiley: