YAY! Sock Yarn!

I just got 10 balls of sock yarn in the mail today!! :cheering: :cheering: It was shipped YESTERDAY! :shock: Granted, I’m only 1.5hrs away from its place of origin, but still I was impressed! :thumbsup:

I bought them from Yarn By The Bag (ebay store). Bernat Sox (60% acrylic/40% nylon)…I got two balls each of Marine, Lime, Pink, Icy, and Steel. They were $1.00 each :happydance: :shock: I’ve used this yarn before, it’s nice and soft, machine washable, makes comfy socks, and really quite nice to work with. I would recommend this seller highly, very good communication, good prices, fast shipping. Two thumbs up :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I’M SO EXCITED!!! :smiley:

(I tried to take a picture of my new stash, but my camera battery was dead…figures :rollseyes: )

:smiley: YIPPEEEEE KIYAY!!! That’s fast shipping, indeed :thumbsup:

I’d like to chime in and say I got super-fast shipping from this Ebay store…I love me my sock yarn!


I’ve also ordered from Yarn by the Bag, and it was really fast, and the customer service was great!! (the colour I wanted was discontinued, and the lady emailed really quickly to let me know and ask if I wanted to continue with the order…of course, I did!!)

Lucky you! What a deal! :happydance:

Good for you…and, I’m on my way to that store…I didn’t know about them.


:smiley: Okay, since we are sharing Ebay stores, this is one of my faves! She’s got good deals on yarns, Brown Sheep is what I get from her. Here’s the deal…she’s exceedingly fast in shipping AND very honest and trustworthy. I ordered a cone of Cotton Fleece (it was yummy, bright pink, I was going to do some thing for my granddaughter with it), well, it didn’t show up for a while and she initiated “tracing” thru USPS in hope that it would show somewhere, well, it didn’t…she then refunded my $…she didn’t have to by any means…I didn’t purchase the insurance! I would have continued shopping with her bc I’ve gotten great deals and we have excellent communication. Well, needless to say, I still shop with her and highly recommend her :thumbsup: