Yay purse and scarf

Ok this is my very first time posting my FO. :cheering: The purse is my first attempt to do picture knitting which I hate now lol. also my first felted item. I love it I have alot of extra yarn so I think I will do another one but put a sparrow on it. The other is what I like to call the glow in the dark scarf I think it is funny and so me. And the final scarf is the Cosby Scarf lol and that explains itself.

So yay I would put up the cropped hoodie I am working on but I am mad at it so I wont.

lovely stuff you have there! i especially :heart: the purse!

:heart: Love it!! :heart:
Especially the little skull purse! It’s waaay tooo cute :inlove:

Everything looks fabulous! Wonderful job!

Yea the purse is my favorite I fugged up a bit on it but its good for a first try. I just put the other two up because I finally weaved in the ends they have been done for 6 months or more when I first learned how to knit. The cosby one is scratchy and ugly lol but funny. The other one is soft and I like it.

Thanks fellow knitters makes me feeelllll good!

Ooooooh. pets bag You woldn’t happen to… oh, have a pattern or anything?

didn’t I see this pattern in a book I got for my daughter?
I forget the book
or was it a website
your bag is BEAUTIFUL

like the scarf too


I just got it from a website you can see it here http://www.helloyarn.com/miniskulltote.htm

Me+My Bag=Happiness