Yay! I won!

Eeeee! I’m so excited! Last night, at midnight, I won an ebay auction for a Boye Needlemaster set for $29!!! Even with shipping and the exchange rate to Canadian $, it only comes up to $42 CDN!!!

Now I want them to arrive PRONTO!!! :happydance:

Just thought I’d share my exciting news with everyone!!!

:smiley: :cheering: :smiley: :cheering:

YAY! :cheering: Congrats! :thumbsup:

Thanks! I really had to persuade DH on why I “needed” these needles. I only have 3 so far - US 6, 8 and 10. He was of the opinion that I should just make lots of things on those 3 pairs and get really good on those and then buy others. I gently explained to him that that isn’t exactly how it works. Silly guy - doesn’t he know that it’s the rule that you must collect as much knitting paraphernalia as humanly possible?!?

Now my task for the day is to head off to the thrift stores and find some lovely sweaters to frog for the (cheap!!) yarn!!

That’s great! :happydance:

:cheering: Congrats!!! :cheering:

That’s so cool! I got mine off eBay about a year ago, for a cool $38 including shipping. I LOVE :heart: LOVE :heart: LOVE them so much. THey’re so convenient to use and they come in that nice leather zippered “book”. I can keep up with my needles now!! :shock: I confess, I’d love to try Denises too, but I know it’s not something I need!! (Just a wish!) Maybe one day, a bargain will come along and they’ll “make me an offer I can’t refuse”!! If the cords on them a bit more pliable than the Boyes, that’d be a good thing! :wink: :happydance:

:cheering: :cheering: WTG, nice score :thumbsup:

I have perfected a “My needlemaster set will be here soon dance”. Let me know if you want the directions!!!

When I won the auction for my set, my hubmaster said “You have been this happy since our son was born!”. :slight_smile:

wow, ROCK!!! Who was the seller?

Congratulations on winning the bid.
I just got mine not too long ago that I won on Ebay. I got them for $35.90 total price. I haven’t used them yet though. Seems there is SO much to do. I have to get out of this terrible MODE I’m in of just having one project going at a time. LOL,

I’m fortunate that my DH knows this hard and fast rule. He grew up in a family of crocheters, so when we got together just over 5 years ago, he had at least a vague idea of what he was getting into. For the most part he doesn’t say too much about my “schtuff”, 'cept that he’d like to see more FOs… geesh! so would I. :roflhard: My biggest problem is that I taught hubby by example when it comes to needing schtuff… he has taken it to his golf, his leather work, latch hook… yadda yadda yadda… the two of us are dangerous in a craft store!!! :shock: LOL

Hi Hilde,

The seller was craftitemsandgifts and I THINK that he/she (whatever gender this person is) had a few more sets that are ending in a few days…!!!

Gotta love eBay. Congrats :cheering:

That’s such a bargain, congratulations!! I really want the needlemaster, but I can’t justify the purchase, even though they have more needle sizes than my Denises… :frowning:

That’s okay, I’m sure there’s lots of peoplehere who can justfy it for you!

Awesome!! I staked out some auctions and got mine for $28.20 with shipping included…it seems to go in waves, one week all the sets will go for almost $40 apiece, then there will be a bunch at lower prices…mine was BIN for $21 plus shipping. Seller’s name is pasandoval. She doesn’t have any listed FS now though.

I :heart: my Needlemaster. I bought it after the Denises but have since sold them. That’s how I justified it. LOL. I’m so bad though; I ordered two pairs of Addis in 16" (I need 16" circs, don’t I???).