Yay! I found a knitting/crochet guild to join!

I don’t know anyone who knits besides my counselor (who totally approves LOL) but I caught an announcement in the paper about a local Knitting/Crochet Guild (club) meeting TONIGHT at the local BooksAMillion, so I’ve got a babysitter set up and I’m looking forward to tonight!

Yay! Congrats! Our group meets at the library on Tuesdays and I look forward to Tuesday all week. I love my baby but I love to get away for a couple hours to knit uninterrupted. cloud9

Oooo! Have fun! A group of gals meet at my LYS, but I don’t really go that often. I’ll have to get in to it more.

I had a blast, and it turns out a lady I know from church is a knitter :slight_smile: