Yay for presents!


My dear brother has got me ‘Easy knitted socks’ and ‘A Good Yarn’ for my birthday!!! I’m soooo pleased about the socks book because I want to take the plunge soon :cheering:

And I should have the ‘Knitting Glossary’ DVD soon hopefully! If it arrives safely from over there in America :pray:

So yay for birthdays!

Happy Birthday!! It sounds like you had a good one :woot:

Yay! Happy Birthday!

Woohoo! Birthday presents rock! :slight_smile:

It was my birthday this past week, too, but I got art supplies instead of knitting stuff. :wink:

Wohoo!! happy birthday!!! love the knitting presents. hope you had a great birthday!!! :slight_smile:

I have high hopes for next week for myself… and would you believe Mom is treating me to a knitting retreat in Nov?! cloud9

:balloons: [FONT=Impact][SIZE=5][COLOR=magenta]Happy Birthday![/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

Thanks everyone!!

AND now I’ve spent the £50 I got…on knitting things! I’ve got a years subscription to ‘Simply knitting’, the ‘knitting pattern a day 2008’ calender thing, and something called ‘The Christmas handbook’ which I’ve no idea what it is but has Alan Dart listed as an author so I thought I’d order it and see.


I got it today!!! I have now seen the wonder that is EZ!!! I’m so happy!!! Thank you Amy!!!