ok for years now (with breaks inbetween of course!) i have been buying the big container of formula. and i go through SO many i always thought…there must be something i can do with these things. i was even saving them for a minute, but they took up a lot of space :frowning: . so i threw them away. well last night it dawned on me…make a yarntainer!!! :happydance: so thats what i did. i don’t think i can fit my WIP in there, but thats ok cause i don’t go anywhere with my yarn anyway. but i’m trying Krickett on regular Enfamil again to see if she can handle in now that she is pass 3 months and doesn’t have all those issues. so if she can i can buy the really big can of Enfamil @ Sams! woo hoo!

Awesome!!! You could put some preety contact paper on the outside of it- what a great idea!! :cheering:

Wise woman :notworthy:

oh perfect for keeping it clean and free of kitty hair, or kitty thefts.

i don’t have a cat! but i did find a ball of yarn over by the dog bed with my sock and needles on the other side of the room trailing the ball. and when i went to pick it up it was wet. so i have doggy thefts. i couldn’t believe he did that. thats why i have been on this hard to find something to put my yarn in!!! at least my kids no better! :rollseyes:

I was going to say the exact same thing!! Or maybe decoupage!! That’s an awesome idea - too bad my baby is past the formula stage. You could do the same thing with a coffee can, I suppose… as long as it’s clean!

Ooohh I buy thoes as well! Never once did I think of using them for yarn. lol


Wonderful way to recycle those great idea!! i don’t need them anymore we would let Isaiah make drums out of them when Roo was on formula :shock: this is a wwwaaayyy better idea :smiley:

Ewe Rock! :thumbsup:
Hey, hey hey… you could knit/felt a cover for it! I saw a project for making a felted pencil cup thingie in the Fam. Circle Easy Knitting Holiday issue. The containter is the plastic cylinder of a Crystal Light multipack.

just my 8.395 cents :wink:

thats a good idea!

Liz yours too! what to do what to do??? :thinking:

CARMELL! My tree-huggin hippie self is SO proud of you!! THat’s recycling at its BEST! :mrgreen: