ok i heard that lion brand and red heart are very cheap yarns, they are not good yarns. has anyone heard of the same thing?

Most people don’t like red heart because it’s acrylic, but there’s nothing wrong with it, if you don’t care about the acrylic. Some of their yarns are really quite soft. Lion is okay too, they have some wool and wool blends, but I think it’s a little pricey; there are similar yarns that are less expensive per yard.


I seldom knit with either, although Lion does have some nice yarns. I find that with the time I spend on knitting something, that the price of the yarn is not my first priority. There are decent affordable yarns out there, and going for the cheapest will mean that all you ever produce will be cheap things, regardless of the quality of the work. I value my knitting too much to want to produce only “cheap” garments.

I disagree, dlc.


I think that red heart and lion have their place. To me yarn has to feel good or I dislike knitting with it.

Personally I REALLY dislike Red Heart Super Saver because it doesn’t feel good to knit with and I don’t like the feeling of clothing knit with Super Saver. However, I LOVE Red Heart Soft Yarn.

I also have to say the same about Lion Brand. There are just some products out there that they make that I JUST DO NOT like. However I love Incredible-thier ribbon yarn, and some of their wools. I’m totally not a fan of Homespun though.

I don’t necessarily think that certain yarn is better than others because they all have their place-even the pricey ones.

I think it comes down more to always wanting what you can’t have. :slight_smile: Manos isn’t necessarily better than Lion Brand but its the fact that you can get Wool Ease practically ANYWHERE while Manos you have to “hunt for”. Its the thrill of the hunt, the communing with other hunters, the experience of things forbidden (think $50 hanks of 100% cashmere).

I really think it has something to do with AC Moore, Michaels, Joanns and Hobby Lobby being “errands”. Places you go to as often as the pharmacy and with the same amount of thrill. (Unless theres a sale!)

A trip to the LYS is an adventure. It feels like an hour stolen just for us. The people there speak our language. It feels GOOD. THere is MUCH more variety.