Yarns that pill, yarns that don't

I’m planning on making a sweater and am wondering what yarns pill the most and what yarns don’t. I know that WOTA pills like the devil, but what is your experience with yarns on wearable projects? I say wearable because they would most likely be pilled the most, but whatever you think is helpful will help me (and others). Thanks!

  1. What yarns have you had experience with that pill?
  2. What yarns have you used that do not seem to pill?

Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran pills :!!!:


I made a sweater with Cascade 220 and it doesn’t pill too badly…just a couple. I haven’t had to shave it yet.

I’m wearing a sweater that I made with Dale of Norway Falk. It’s superwash, and the pilling is really minimal–just a few on the forearms. I just looked at the sweaters that I wear the most, and none of them are really pilled. A cardigan of Australia Merinos is fine, the Karaoke looks fine, and the two I made with Encore look pretty good, too.

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the softer and more fibrous a yarn is, the more it will pill, i.e. merinos are notorious for pilling. however, knit picks claims by using a sweater stone a few times will eliminate pilling forever, which hypothetically could be true as pilling is caused by loose fibers in the yarn. if you can gradually rid all of the loose fibers, the pilling would be minimal except for heavy wear spots. plied yarns are also a little less likely to pill.

good luck!

Thanks for the ideas! :hug:

I made a scarf for my girlfriend out of Light and Lofty. She told me it left fuzz allover her clothes in the dryer

I have used bernat softee chunky from Wallie World and it washed, dried, and knitted up just fine. No fuzziness but it did stretch a little

How about Patons SWS? Its like kareoke?

I don’t think I want something I have to handwash for this one, but the real question is - does it pill?

I used swish from knitpicks on two sweaters and it pills like crazy. I do wash these sweaters alot, but I have to use the sweater stone everytime I wash them or they look really bad.

GAH! I’m glad you told me that. I was thinking Swish looked pretty nice, but I’ll keep looking. Thanks!

Sorry to but in Jan, but I was wondering the same thing about Cascade superwash? Does that pill? I know it can be a little on the expensive side.

The thing about Cascade 220 and superwash is that there are 220 yds on each skein/hank. So it’s not too bad a deal. I don’t know if the superwash is soft or if it pills though.

I second the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran. Pills like the dickens! :stuck_out_tongue: Bleeds too.
I haven’t washed my Karaoke yet so I can’t say about it. I don’t think it’ll pill much though.
SWS fuzzes like craaaazy. I imagine this might be the precursor to some pilling but it’s more fuzzing and shedding, really.

cascade superwash merino aran is the worst pilling yarn i have ever used. horrible.