Yarns for Double Knitting

Hello all,

I am new to this site as well as new to knitting. You have very interesting information and got great help as a new to it.

I am only upto making scarves right now but got addicted to Double Knitting which I found easier to make scarves with soccer theme that have logos etc…

I am really new to knitting though so I have a problem selecting the yarn/s to use. My question is what is the best yarn to use for double knitting so that is not ended too thick and too stiff?

Also is DK yarns supposed to be for Double Knitting or is just a type of yarn?

Thank you

You know, dk yarn might have gotten the “double knitting” designation, because it works well for double knitting. It is thinner than worsted weight. It is similar (sometimes equal) to sportweight yarn, so you will find lots of options in those categories.