Yarns fiber melt questions

Hi.:grinning:I was wondering if a person could use acrylic yarn or polyester mixed fiber yarn to make potholders or oven mitts?anybody use them without worrying about melting or had them not melt?I thought that a person can make anything with yarns?what do you guys think ?also do they melt in a hot car?what are you guys opinions on the matter?:thinking:

Acrylic wouldn’t melt in a hot car (the heat needs to be more concentrated/direct than inside a car), but I would not use acrylic yarn for making pot holders/oven mitts, or anything that would come into direct contact with hot metal/flames - it would melt then and cause very nasty burns. If you want to make something like those, I’ve heard cotton is suitable, and wool should be OK as it doesn’t burn - it’s self-extinguishing, at least.

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Defimitely do not use acrylic like Shintoga said it could cause nasty burns stick with cotton


I made some bean stitch crochet pads with Red Heart. I wouldn’t call them exactly melted but they are scorched and flat. They’re OK with all but really hot pans. I think the ironing problem would happen no matter what the material.

Between skin and hot stuff I’d go with wool.


Hi.Can a person use yarn blends instead all arcylic yarn then?

I have used acrylic yarn to make pot holders. I make it double thick. I have had no problem with them melting. I have several that I have had for years.

Bearing in mind that synthetic yarns can melt under some circumstances only you can decide whether to use them, blended or otherwise, for potholders. I have cotton potholders I crocheted over 10 years ago that are still going strong in spite of some stains and maybe even a scorch mark. I will use cotton and I think I might have some wool I’d use too. Cotton yarns are readily available at stores like Walmart.

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Polyester fill will melt. Use wool. Wool will insulate well and it will stay soft enough to remain flexible.


Comparing a hot car to lifting hot pans out of the oven is not a good comparison in this situation. Always use a natural fibre for any project that is going to come into direct contact with items that are previously heated. cotton is a good choice, wool is too, but there is a draw back with wool because it can burn and be felted with use.

Yes, acrylic will melt if used as a pot holder. For kitchen accessories I always use cotton yarn. It doesn’t have the stretch that other yarns do, but it stands up to the heat much better.

Once I started needle felting thick felted wool sweaters for pot holders, I could never go back to regular pot holders. I like to cook with cast iron which is very hot.

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That’s what scorched my acrylic. Cast iron pizza pans, homemade pizza so very hot and very heavy.